20 Amazing Travel quotes

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Another 20 Amazing Travel Quotes

2 Jul , 2015  

Travelling is always an amazing experience in itself, and these travel quotes very aptly describe the beauty of travel. Treat yourself to a bit of travel inspiration!

Another Twenty Travel Quotes to Inspire

Anatole France

Anatole France was a Nineteenth Century french poet, novelist, journalist, and man of letters. His style is characterised as having a great sense of human sympathy and is quintessentially French.


Andre Gide travel quotes

Another Frenchman, Gide, was an essayist, dramatist and poet. His travels took him everywhere, from Russia to Africa.


Benjamin Disraeli travel quotes

Disraeli served as Prime Minister of England twice in the mid Nineteenth Century. He was also an acclaimed fiction and nonfiction writer.


Daniel J Boorstin travel quotes

Daniel J. Boorstin, was an American historian and Librarian of the United States Congress. Boorstin wrote on the American experience.


Euripedes experience travel quotes

Euripides was a ancient Grecian playwright. His tragedies are some of the very few play to survive from antiquity.



G.K. Chesterton travel quotes

G. K. Chesterton was an English polymath, with knowledge in poetry, drama, philosophy, and journalism to name a few.


Gustave Flaubert travel quotes

Flaubert was an avid traveller, successful novelist, and playwright.


Henry David Thoreau travel quotes

Author, poet, historian, abolitionist, and naturalist, Thoreau held great sentiment for the natural world. His love of nature, and the American wilderness, allowed him to travel extensively.



Henry Miller travel quotes

Miller was an American writer and avid traveler. His work was boundless and he wrote as he traveled. Many of his works were banned due to his criticism of societal norms.


Hilaire Belloc travel quotes

Belloc was a writer and member of parliament in the UK. He wrote a good deal of children’s poetry, his “Cautionary Tales for Children” being the most famous of lot.


James Baldwin travel quotes

James Baldwin, American essayist, novelist, playwright, and poet. He traveled to Europe – leaving the prejudice on the grounds of sexuality and race in America behind – and developed his writing in France, Switzerland, and Turkey.



John Steinbeck travel quotes

Steinbeck, American writer and social critic, traveled across the United States of America in a “camper”.


Mark Twain like people travel quotes
Mark Twain travel quotes

Twain was an american writer known for his novel  “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.


Oscar Wilde travel quotes

Wilde was an Irish poet and palwright famous for “A Picture of Dorian Gray” and “The Importance of being Ernest”.


Ray Bradbury travel quotes

Bradburry was a famous American Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writer.


Walt Whitman travel quotes

Walt Whitman was a humanist, poet, and writer with a great sympathy for his fellow man and each person’s personal journey.


John G Shedd

Shedd was a philnthropist and businessman with a passion for the arts. He helped fund the Shedd-Porter Memorial Library, and the community performing arts center and music school, The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, was named in his memory by his great-grandson.


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